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Here are a few pics from my Trail Ridge ride in Rocky Mountain National Park. The weather turned so I had to give up. I was soooo close! The visitors center is at ~12,100ft and I made it to ~11,400ft.

I had no confidence in the rental I was on, it was very squirrelly at speed. Riding other bikes reinforces my love of Klein bikes, they inspire confidence when you are at 50+mph around a mountain curve with a sheer drop off as the punishment for any mistake. I really wish I had my Klein for that descent.

brettbchum asked:

I own a Klein Quantum road bike with serial # 20218. What does that tell me about the age, origination of this bike?

Hi Brett, I may be able to help but I have a few questions. Are there any letters before the serial number? Where was the serial number? (check the bottom bracket and under the read dropouts is there more than one number? Is it a Quantum or a Quantum Pro or a Q-pro? Could you send me a picture of the rear dropouts?

Well, I was distracted by another build for a while. But, I finally got around to ordering some of the parts I will need for the 1994 NOS Klein Quantum II. The replacement outboard bearing bottom bracket from Phil Wood is here along with the Campy Record headset and a shim so that I can use a 1 1/8” stem with the 1” steerer tube. It starts to feel real when the parts begin to arrive!

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